Sunday, December 18, 2005


As for me, I have never seen my parents have a conflict but I have seen my sister argue with her husband. Then, my mother admonished her because my sister's son, he was 3 years old then, was watching his parent's conflict and it made him sad. My mother said that parents must not show their conflict to their children because when children see their parent's argument, they tend to think that their parents argue because of themselves and children tend to blame themselves. I do not know whether this is true but I guess this is sometimes right especially when children are young.

It is often said that Japanese are not as agressive as Americans but I think it is not correct. I guess Japanese have certain opinions about everything in their mind and sometimes they want to argue. However, they often bottle their desire up and they are very good at standing something better than Americans.

Well then, why can Japanese bottle their passions up more than American? This is because Japanese tend to think that conflict is not good. Japanese try to avoid conflicting somehow. Actually I also hate conflict and tend to avoid it because conflict often makes people uncomfortable and no one can be happy thanks to it. Of course I know that sometimes we need to argue and it is good but I think if we can have less or no conflicts, it's the best.

Therefore, I will keep avoiding conflicts.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


It's often said that Japanese tend not to care about religions very much. I have a good example about this issue.

One of my sisters who is now 28 years old went to the kinder garden which was established by Perfect Liberty (PL) religion. Also, she went to Tenri University which was established by Tenri religion. After her graduation, she got married with Japanese man and did wedding ceremony in church but she wore Japanese traditional kimono in that party. Of course she wore wedding dress, too.

Throughout her life, she can be related with 5 religions because my family is Buddhist and also we sometimes believe Shintoism. Therefore, I agree with the opinion that almost all Japanese don't care about religions so much.

However, throughout Japanese history, Japan had strong opinion about religion. For example in 3rd century, Japanese ruler was a woman named Himiko and she ruled Japan by using a kind of Shintoism. In 17 century, Edo era, Japan strongly disagreed with Christianity and tried to prevent Christianity to come into Japan. In 19th century, Japan tried to conquer Korea by using the thought of Buddhism. Japan has had a lot of conflicts becasue of religious differences. However, Japanese could get over the differences.

Now, there are many wars or conflicts all over the world. I think some of them can be solved by imitating Japan. I'm Japanese and I think religion is just one tool for making our lives comfortable. It's just a tool so we can accept each other and if other's thoughts are good, we can borrow some good points from others. I think the result of this religious borrowing is because of my sister. She thought wedding dress is beautiful, so she wore it although she is Buddhist. She looked happy when she wore it so I think it's ok. I think that people should be more flexible about religions.


I'm not interested in drugs at all. I mean I don't want to try it at all. You may think that drugs are not related with us in Japan directly because they may seem like things in another world.

However, I'm from Osaka and in Osaka, you can have more opportunities to contact with drugs rather than in Akita. For example, I have been asked by foreigners whether I'm interested in drugs, or not, in Namba at night. Of courase I ignored them. I don't know who they are and it often happened in Osaka so no one cares about it. When I told the story to my friends, I heard that some of them had the same experience. So in Osaka, if you have a lot of money, you can get and try some illegal drugs whenever you want.

Also, it made me remember my grandmother's story.

I heard from her that during World War II, Japanese army used a lot of drugs to Japanese young soliders becasue Japanese government wanted them to attack enemies without feeling fears. After war, my grandmother's friend went crazy because he used drugs during war time and I guess there were many soliders like him.

When I heard this sad story, I thought drug have always existed in different forms throughout Japanese history and I feel drugs may not disappear in our world. And actually, I learned Japanese history for six years. In my junior high school, I listened to the ex-soldier's story about war. In my high school, I studied about war considerably but my teacher never told me about the connection between drugs and war. There was no topic about drugs in my Japanese history textbook.

I think that Japanese need to learn about drugs and war in class because we are Japanese so we need to know what Japan did.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My Dream

Actually I wanted to write about dream which I had last night but unfortunately, I do not remember it so let me write my analysis about dreams.

People have dreams while they're sleeping.
I think the dream world has two special characteristics which show the differences between our real world and the dream world. First one is about action and second one is about time.

For example, we can do everything like flying, swimming forever and something like that in dream world. It means we can have no limit to take any actions there.
In addition, we can be in past, now, and even future while dreaming. We can skip time if we want. It is easily possible that you are in cretaceous era watching big dinosaurs, but after that moment, you may be studying at AIU.

Why do people have dreams? I can guess the answer by using two characteristics of dream which I mentioned above. I think our brain or mind create dream world while we sleep in order to make us satisfied with our lives. Our real world is sometimes very serious and we cannot achieve something easily even if we hope it strongly.

As a result, we are sometimes disappointed by real world's bitterness or some people keep feeling regret for something. For example, if you are regretting something in the real world, you can't possibly amend your past behavior so we cannot change our past. Then, dreams can help us.

However, in dream world, we can do everything we want and we can go back to past to make some corrections. By doing so, you may remove your regret and take heart.

In my opinion, dreams exist to compensate our real world. Dream can give us ease to live happily in the real world. Even tonight, dream may save you.
Have a good dream★

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Why do human like chocolate?

Do you like chocolate? Yes, I love it!
I guess, almost all of you like or love chocolate, but why?
Because of its sweetness?Probably no. I know the reason.
Speaking of chocolate, we cannot cut chocolate from love.
Chocolate and love can be connected very deeply.

When you eat a piece of chocolate, what will happen in your brain.
Your brain feel that you are eating chocolates, and create a signal.
This signal is very things which I want to talk now.
In fact, when you fall in love with someone, your brain create the same signal.
So I mean, when you eat some chocolates, you experience love.

People eat chocolates in order to feel the same feeling as falling in love.

So, do you like chocolate?
If you like it, you may like fallimg love with someone, too.
Don't you like chocolates? So, you may not like love, actually.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The earth.

The earth.

What do you know about the earth?
Of course this is a name of the planet which we live now.
But anything else?
For example, do you know how was this planet born?
When was this planet born?
Why was this planet born?
Actuallay I don't know exactly because I'm not a polymath and I guess you neither.
But we can make a great guess about it!

When was this planet born? I guess it's long long time ago. Of course at that time, there were no
creatures. Mr.John said that it was 450000000 years ago. What a long time it is!
Can you imagine that? I can't.
Then, how was this planet born?
Here is just my guess, but let me explain.
Long long time ago, there was nothing in the space but a little tiny seed of planets which were consisted of some kinds of atoms.
One day, the seed began to gather atoms more and more. Then a lot of planets began to exist.
It was tiny planet yet, but as time spent, they got bigger and bigger.
You may wonder why there are two types of planets exist like some we can live and others we cannot live. I guess this is because each planets consists of different atoms.

So why was this planet born?
Maybe this is by accident completely.
By accident, some atoms met each other and were gathered each other.
Then I can say that we can live on chances. Our lives are not logical.

Now there are a lot of mysteries abouth the earth.
I come to want to know the earth more and more!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Universe.

The universe... What a mysterious staff it is!!

The universe is very cool.
How was the universe created? Some may say that it was created by Gods.
But I think it's nonsense.
It somehow must be created by some scientific reasons like Big Ban theory.
Do you know Big Ban theory? Let me explain.

According to the theory, long time ago, there was a very tiny and dense chank
of a lot of atoms.
One day, I don't know why but it exploded suddenly.
As a result, a lot of atoms were scattered and they expanded.
Then the universe was made.
And now this theory has some proof like the existence rate of elements and so on.

But there are more things which we don't know about the universe so we will keep exploring forever because we will never understand all about universe.

My hometown.

I'm from Osaka, Tondabayashi city.

Even though Osaka is very famous prefecture, I guess almost all of you
have never heard "Tondabayashi city". Right?
It is located in South Osaka and it's very countryside.
For example, you can see fire flies during summer vacation in front of my house.
Also, my hometown is famous for a strong baseball team.
Have you heard PL gakuen high school before?
This school has a strong baseball team and almost every year, the team enter
National Convention of high school baseball team as a representative of Osaka.
Then, I want you to know one thing.
My high school, Hatsushiba-Tondabayashi high school won PL gakuen high school last year so my school was a represantative of Osaka last year!

Anyway, I like my hometown very much!!